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The foundation of personal responsibility starts with a framework of leadership traits such as accountability, courage, and unselfishness.

Likewise, personal accountability centers on three elements:
your choices, actions, and decisions.

Train with proven professionals that will transfer unique perspectives, leadership lessons, and knowledge to you. You will emerge from the course as a more decisive leader with a new perspective on yourself and leadership.

Do you want more from life?
Have you spent years feeling unfulfilled and that
you just aren't living up to your full potential?
We can lead you to feeling accomplished,
developing deep self trust,
learning commitment and discipline.
The foundation of personal responsibility starts with a framework of leadership traits such as accountability, courage, and unselfishness.

Are you ready to become
your strongest most confident self?

Join the adventure with the

Immersive Leadership Experience

Take part in 4 days of
leadership development, skills development, and adventure.


Build your knowledge of leadership, learn new leadership perspective and problem solving approaches.


Improve leadership skills by repetition while in a challenging environment that will prepare you for your future endeavors.

Acquire NEW hard skills
Handgun & Shotgun
Land Navigation Tactical Combat Casualty Care (T-CCC)
Basic Med/First Aid
Defensive Tactics

Experience Adventure in a new way. Rappelling, rock climbing, firearms, defensive tactics, and a mission set to help you on your leadership journey.

Accomplish something hard and push your boundaries while being supported by an experienced team of professionals.

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WHAT OUR graduates Are Saying


The word “Rubicon” means to cross is to commit.

COA is an acronym for “Course of Action” a military term that means a plan that can contribute to mission accomplishment.

Together the Rubicon COA means a commitment to a definite course of action.


Our mission is to develop the skills to lead oneself, improve others, and prepare people to commit to a definite purpose and certain course of action.


Our vision is to improve men and women’s self-awareness and leadership skills and return them to their families, work, and community as stronger leaders.


Respect yourself and others.
Believe in yourself.
Hard work.

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Your guides to a stronger you.

Bobby Harrington

Program Director

Leadership Experience: 32 years
Sectors: Military, Private Sector, Oil and Gas

Bobby Harrington is a lifelong servant leader, husband, and father. His leadership roots are in sports and the United States Marine Corps, and he has spent 32 years honing leadership traits and applying leadership principles. Bobby is known to this family, friends, and co-workers as a coach, change agent, and challenger.

On teams since age seven, Bobby takes a hands-on approach to leadership challenges and believes camaraderie, hard work, and rapport are the building blocks of effective teams. He has had the privilege to lead teams in sports, the United States Marine Corps, martial arts, private business, and a Fortune 500 company.

However, leading his family is Bobby’s most significant accomplishment, and he has dedicated his life to serving and improving others first. Bobby is a Gulf War veteran with an honorable discharge.

Kevin joined the United States Marine Corps in January 1994 and served as a member of Crash, Fire & Rescue at MCAS New River in Jacksonville, NC. After being Honorably Discharged out of the Marines he went to EMT, EMT-I & Paramedic school and became the first paid firefighter/paramedic in his hometown. Kevin moved to Rockledge, Florida in early 2000, working at the blood bank and Cape Canaveral Fire & Rescue till he started his career with Brevard County Fire & Rescue in January 2001.
Kevin is currently assigned to Engine 21 in North Mims. He is also an EMS instructor, Haz-Mat Technician and spent 6 years on the Haz-Mat Tech Rescue Team at BCFR, Field Evaluation Officer and is the team coordinator for the departments CISM team. Kevin teaches EMT and paramedic with Eastern Florida State College EMS program and he also teaches ACLS, PALS, CPR/First Aid.

Kevin Faulk

Cadre Leader

Leadership Experience: 27 years
Sectors: Military, Private and Public Sectors

Severiano “Seve” Sanchez

Cadre Leader

Leadership Experience: 20 years
Sectors: Military and Private

Seve grew up in an amazing family with lots of love and discipline. He wrestled and played golf in high school where he was taught how to have a work ethic. Seve joined the military in 2003 as an 11B (infantryman) and never looked back. He deployed to Iraq from January 2004 to February of 2005 as a rifleman and finished as a team leader. Upon returning from Iraq, he attended and graduated from Ranger school in November 2005 and earned his EIB just months before attending. Upon graduation Seve chose to attend SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection), where he was selected. 

Peter Ughutevbe is currently a Safety Systems Manager with a fortune 100 Oil and Gas Company where he manages and oversees the lifecycle activities of the dedicated safety systems and safety culture of the facilities.

Prior to his civilian appointment, Peter Ughutevbe served in the military (Active Duty & National Guard) for over 20 years as a Special Forces soldier with multiple combat deployments to the middle-east and Southeast Asia (OEF & OIF). As a Special Forces Sr, Engineer Sergeant, he was responsible for the demolitions raids against strategic enemy targets, destroying critical components of infrastructure to provide tactical advantage during combat missions as well as building critical infrastructures such as buildings, water wells etc during peace time operations.

Peter Ughutevbe also has multiple overseas deployment training foreign military in combat tactics, weaponry, and physical fitness.




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